# avail.
ObjectiveEligibility CriteriaFunding/yr
Duration Comments
American Heart AssociationAHA Fellow to Faculty Transition

# variable

Due- January
For- physician scientist with outstanding potential for career in cardiovascular and stroke research.

To support the crucial period of career development spanning the completions of research training throughout the early years of the first faculty/staff position.
  • MD, MD/Ph.D., DO or equivalent
  • Additional research training under the supervision of a sponsor/ mentor prior to embarking on a career of independent research
See Comments5 years - 1-3 year of research training at $65000; years of first faculty/staff appointment at $132,00

American Society of TransplantationAST Basic Science Fellowship Grant

# 3

Due- November
For- basic science research careers in transplantation medicine/immunobiology.
  • AST Member in good standing as sponsor.
  • Less than or equal to two years fellow in the area of transplantation immunobiology
352 years
American Society of Transplantation (AST)AST Clinical Science Fellowship Grant

# 2

Due- November
For- clinical research careers in transplantation medicine
  • Must be a clinical research project with patients.
352 years
AST/Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationAST/JDRF Special Fellowship

Due- May
For- Careers in transplantation geard at understanding and treatment of transplantation in patients with diabetes mellitus (islet cell transplantation, autoimmunity, etc.)
  • Research project must involve diabetes
  • Same as AST Basic/Clinical Fellowship
352 years
National Kidney FoundationNKF Research Fellowship

# Variable

Not accepting applications
For-  Basic and clinical research whose goal is a career in academic Nephrology or
a closely related field.

  • Not more than 4.5 years of postdoctoral research training
351-2 years
Polycystic Kidney Disease FoundationPKDF Fellowship

# variable

Not accepting applications
To support studies that will directly impact the understanding of the mechanisms of the disease and/or the clinical care of individuals with PKD.
  • Cannot hold faculty appointment
  • Ph.D. or MD
401-3 years  
American Kidney FundAKF Clinical Scientist in Nephrology Fellowship

To support scholarship in the provision of kidney patient by conducting outcomes research and receiving advanced training in related essential skills.
  • MD, MD/PhD
  • In the first or second year of nephrology fellowship
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
80 See comments2 years - $50000 per year
Robert Wood Johnson FoundationRWJF Clinical Scholar Program Fellowship

# 25

Due- February 
To integrate scholars’ clinical expertise with training in program development and research methods to find solutions for challenges posed by the U.S. health care system and the health of U.S. communities
  • MD, MD/PhD
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Intend to complete residency by date of entry into the program
  • Training currently limited to UCLA, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania and Yale
  • Not limited to nephrology
59.52 years - $59,500 the first year with an increase in the second year